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Voting Rights - Voting Amendments


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14th Amendment
All citizens have equal protection under the law-
if states deny citizens the right to vote they could lose representation in the House of Representatives
15th Amendment
All African American men have the right to vote
19th Amendment
Women have the right to vote
23rd Amendment
Citizens living in the District of Columbia have the right to vote in presidential election - 3 electors
24th Amendment
Illegal to give literacy tests or impose poll taxes - no pay to vote
26th Amendment
lowered the voting to age from 21 to 18 years old
When is election day?
The 1st Tuesday after the 1st monday in November
The right to vote
Literacy test
Examination to see if a person can read and write, used in the past to restrict voting
Poll tax
Personal tax to be paid before voting
Enroll or record officially
Woman's suffrage
Right of women to vote