The Rise Of Islam

Muhammad's Daughter Was Named?
Why Geographers call Arabia a "crossroads" loacation?
Trade Routes Linking Africa, Asia, and Europe
In What Way Did Traders Passing trough Arabia influence its Culture?
Tehy Introduced Arabs to new products/ideas.
Which of the following events happened first?
Muhammad meditated in a cave outside Mecca.
The people of Arabia adapted to the desert by?
either coming nomadic or sedentory.
why do Muslims fast during Ramadan?
muslims believed fasting is a way to show that god is more important then ones body.
who is the most important Islamic prophet?
which of the following is not an Islamic Belief?
Jesus was the son of Opa
the kaaba in Mecca was an important and sacred place
both before and after the people of mecca converted to islam
what can you infer about muslims who fast during the holy month of Ramadam?
they care about following the rules of islam.
an oasis is an
wet, fertile area in a desert.
what was the most importanat difference between Muhammad's teachings and the beliefs of other Arabs?
Muhammad taught that there was only 1 god.
the sunnah is based on
teachings and practices of Muhammad
Another Name for Islamic Law is
In what way are the Bible, Torah, and Qur'an similar?
all of them teach stories about prophets.
in what way were Arabian souks similar to modern malls?
They sold food, goods
why was trade important to both townspeople and nomads in Arabia?
Trade was importanat because it brought many different groups of people through Arabia who introdiced products/ideas from around the world.
the hegria was Muhammads journey from
Islamic Law
A building used for muslim Prayer is called a
Many Merchants in Mecca rejected the Teachings of Muhammad because they
wanted to keep their money for themselves.
the holy book of Islam is called
which of the following is the centeral teaching if islam
allan is the only god and muhammad is they only prophet.
before they heard Muhammads teachings , many Arabs visited the Kaaba in Mecca each year in order to...?
worship their gods of Kaaba
What did the early followers of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all have in common?
all 3 religions began in the same opart of the worold, all 3 religions teach similar ideas about Kindness. Beliaf in 1 god.
which of the following best summarizes the five pillars of islam?
they are acts of worship.
why did Nomads want to be members of Islam?
to protect themsleves against vilence
which of the following best describes why Islamic law is important to Muslims?
They are quides for how muslims should live.
Which word means the opposite of Namadic?
A Nomad is a person who..
they move place to place, traveling with herds of animals, moving along regular routs as seasons change to get food and water for there animals.
Which of the following best summarizes how Muhammads teachings affected the people of Arabia?
The Teachings Taugh