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which group consist of one spice and one herb?
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what is NOT a USDA quality grades for beef?grade AAwhich denotes the highest yielding grade for beef?yield grade 1for retail sale of lamb, what is the USDA lowest quality grade?cullwhat is the HIGHEST U.S. retail grade for poultry?grade awhat is the shelf life of fresh poultry?3 daysshould you accept a shipment of FRESH poultry if the delivery truck refrigerator stopped working for several hours?No, that is not good the receiving temperature for fresh poultry should be 41 degrees or lowerat what temperature should frozen poultry be received and stored?0 degrees or colderwhat is the difference between farm-raised and wild-caught seafood?farm raised seafood eat food that has PCB's in them which raises toxic levelswhich of the following is one of the most common seafood packaging methods?Cello wraps and layered packswhich of the following about U.S. grades for seafood is correct?seafood grading is voluntary and the grades are A, B, Cwhat is the worst type of U.S grade for fresh produce?field runthe point of origin for fresh produce impacts?culinary qualitylayered packaging is intended to ______________, while slab-packaging is _____________ into a container in no particular order.protect; tossedwhat does the notion "4 by 5" indicate to a buyer purchasing tomatoes?a square box with one layer of tomatoes counting 4 tomatoes down and 5 tomatoes acrosswhich of these is not a P.L.O.T vegetable?beetwhat are the U.S. grades for fresh shell eggs?AA, A, B, Cwhat re the sizes for fresh shell eggs?jumbo, extra large, large, medium, small and peeweewho is a pescatarian?someone who doesnt eat meat but eats fishwhat are the differences between a license state and a control state?in a control state the state is the only authorized alcohol beverage distributorwhat type of coffee is of higher quality?arabicawhat are the best storage conditions for red wine?store it in a cool dark place, avoid direct sunlight and keep bottles horizontalthis act provides more opportunities for food donations by protecting companies against liability damage when donating foods to non profit organizationsEmerson good Samaritan food donation actwhich of these methods are a way to reduce energy consumption in a food service operation?LED lighting and air dryers in bathroomswhich of these will NOT reduce landfill waste in food service operation?using styrofoam take-out containers