19 terms

reading genres - 6th grade

Blanco Middle School
the story of a real person's life, written or told by another person
the history of a person's life witten by themself
a story/play that is acted out in front of an audience
a story that contains elements that are not realistic such as talking animals, wizards, and magical powers
folk tale
a story with no known author originally passed from one generation to another by word of mouth
a story about an event that is not explained until the end in order to keep the reader in supence
a story that usually explains something about the world and involves gods and other superhuman beings
non fiction
stories that are true, factual, real, or informational
realistic fiction
stories that take place in modern time - right here and now. The characters are involved in events that could really happen.
science fiction
stroies in this genre are often set in outer space and involve futuristic technology
historical fiction
stories that take place in a particular time period in the past. Often, the basic setting is real, but the characters are fictional.
verse that creates an emotional response to the reader. It often uses rhythm and rhyme to convey its meaning.
tall tale
a humerous story characterized by exaggeration. The main character is often encredibly powerful and is capable of unbelievable feats of strength and bravery.
fairy tale
a traditional children's story that has magical events, maidens in distress, villains, or imagery creatures in it
expository essay
a short work of non-fiction which presents information about a single subject
a story handed down from the past about a specific person, often a hero
oral literature
stories that have been passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation
procedural text
information and instructions on how to complete a task
a short work of non-fiction which presents information about a single subject