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What is a unilineal descent group?
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- They had a matrilocal residence where men lived in the household of his wife's lineages,
- polygamy for men was common, they commonly terminated their marriages and would go back to their mothers lineAGE
- Women had considerable sexual freedom and that the indians were casual about sex
- women worked communally in large fields
- Indians became culturally indistinguishable from their white neighbors, they owned plantation, operated successful businesses, attended christian churches, promoted formal legal and judicial systems and wrote and conversed in the English language
- emergence of Cherokee elite class (recognized as leaders)
- elites must adopt cult of true woman hood, have marriage
- The introduction of new technologies, crops, etc. change gender work rules
- move male elite leaders to partlineal descent systems
- adopt euro American view of them as less civilized
Mission schools provided elementary education for girls as well as boys. Examinations took place annually and were attended by parents, learned bible history and hymns,
Mastery of the domestic arts was an essential part of the girls education
Girls milked, set tables, cooked meals, washed dishes, sewed clothing, did laundry
Hoping to exert influence in their own homes