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What is the Subjective Units of Discomfort acronym?


What is SUDS?

A scale used by behavioral therapists on which the client's rate their level of anxiety to a stimulus or situation

Subjected stories are from what theory?

narrative therapy

What are subjected stories?

stories about the client that are obscured by the dominant story

When therapists use subjected stories what are they trying to accomplish?

teaching the client to construct a new, more helpful story, which includes unstoried competencies

What theory has subsystems?

structural family therapy

What is a subsystem?

an organized component of a system which has a specific role in the functioning of the larger system and is somewheat autonomous from it

What is suicidal ideation?

Images, thoughts, and feelings about committing suicide, often including ways to accomplish it and how it might affect others

What is a suprasystem?

A higher-level system, such as a community, in which other systems are components

What are survival skills workshops?

A psychoeducational program for families coping with mental illness in a family member

What are people taught in survival skills workshops?

groups of families learn about the etiology, prognosis, psychobiology, and treatment of the illness and learn ways the family can deal with its special demands

Who designed sweat boxes?


What are sweat boxes?

a mild or severe threat to the community of the relationship and the system

Sweat boxes could be a possible precondition to what?


Who developed symbolic-experiential family therapy?


What is the role of the therapist when using symbolic-experiential family therapy?

using their own experiences and craziness to influence family members' internal meanings, thereby changing dysfunctional patterns

Who created symetrical?

Jackson and the MRI group

What is the opposite of symmetrical?


What is a symmetrical relationship?

a relationship in which there is relatively equal distribution of control and power, often resulting in rapid escalation of conflict.

What therapy is symptom prescription from?

MRI strategic therapy

What is symptom prescription?

a treatment technique in which the therapist asks the family to continue to perform or even expand a symptom

What does the therapist want if they perform a complaince based symptom prescription?

they want the family to do as suggested

What does the therapist want if they perform a defiance based symptom prescription?

when the therapist wants the family to defy the directive

What is syntax?

the form of a message

What is a system?

a bounded set of interrelated elements with coherent and patterened behavior

What is the difference between a open and closed system?

an open system exchanges information and resources with their enviroment.
A closed system restricts such exchanges

Who developed systematic desensitization?


What is systematic desensitization?

a behavioral therapy technique for reducing the capacity of conditioned stimuli or activities to evoke anxiety

What steps does the therapist have the client go thru with systematic desensitization?

The therapist firsts instructs the client to arrange various anxiety-provoking stimuli or activies according to SUDS
2. The therapist teaches the client to induce a state of relaxation, then pairs the relaxation response with the anxiety-provoking stimuli, working up the hierarchy

What does Tarasoff vs. Regents of University of California state therapists must do?

when a therapist determines, or should determine that their client presents a serious harm to a specifically identified person they have an obligation to use reasonable care to protect the indended victim against such danger (duty to warn)

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