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The Hittites were able to excal at war because of their knowledge of
What bodies of water surounded the Greeks?
mediterranean and aegan
What indo-european group traveled the furthest east?
Which group migrated around the Aral Sea?
The Hittite legal code was similar to Hammurabi's code but was
more forgiving
A phonecian contribution that people still benefit from today was
the inventioin of the phonic alphabet
Varnas, the name given to the different groups of the original caste system came from a word that means
skin color
the technology of iron smelting aided the Hittites because
it made strong weapons that helped them excel at war
the two items below that are most similar are
moksha and nirvana
according to the torah, Moses did all of the following EXCEPT
unify the people of Canaan into one kingdom, Israel
Jain monks were masks over their faces
to keep from harming even an insect
the emphasis on right conduct and the worship of god is called
ethical monotheism
The Hebrews believed that God protected them because
of a covenent
The Hittites took the following from the Babylonian civilization they conquered
a language for internal use
Israel's King Solomon was known for all of the following EXCEPT
unifying the 12 tribes
The Indian epic poem the Mahabarata reflects the struggles
that took place in India as the Aryans moved relentlessly south
The Ten Commandments became the basis for
the civil and religious laws of Judaism
Hinduism and Buddhims differ significantly in their beliefs about
the caste system
The Phoenicians were known for
seafaring, trade and the invention of the phonic alphabet
A long-term effect of the caste system in India was that
the Aryans remained dominant
The student and teacher in the Upanishads explore
how a person can attain a perfect understanding
The language that English, Sanskrit, Persian and Spanish are all derived from is
What was the relationship between Egypt and Nubia during the period of the New Kingdom?
Egypt's dominance of Nubia
To restore social order, harmony and god government, Confucius believed it was necessary for society to be organized around what general category?
Which of the following is was famous for his extraordinary skils as a government administrator as for his military conquests?