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1. Teach to the Highest >> safe space
2. Brain Research--Metacognition >> activate prior knowledge, scaffold, organize, think aloud (teacher or student)
3. Brain Research and Second Language Acquisition >> A student set purpose for learning; motivating, stated result or goal; Chances to negotiate meaning from language and text; cooperative activities
4. Reading and Writing To, With, and By Students >> Reading that stresses the purpose and joy before the skills; Direct teaching of concepts, vocabulary, and necessary skills; text patterns, academic language, writing patterns; decoding skills; Writing that stresses the metacognitive use of reading and writing as a process; use of clustering/brainstorming to initiate writing; acceptance of developmental level of writer; editing and revising done in appropriate places in the process. No over-editing in early drafts; not all writing brought to editing stage; use of conferencing methods to guide student through the process; use of logs for personal responses to texts or issues; use of interactive journals; Language functional environment; language charts, poetry kept on walls - read and used by students
5. Active participation in all components of the unit, (ratio)
6. A theme, year planning, and strategies that foster standards-based learning respect, trust, identity, and voice. The use of personal interaction values oral ideas and cross-cultural respect.
7. Ongoing assessment and evaluation using a variety of tools to provide reflection on what has been learned, how it was learned and what will be done with the information.