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Block 1 Study Guide - Client Systems

Terms in this set (79)

• Performing client-level information technology support functions, and managing
hardware and software.
• Performing configuration, management, and troubleshooting.
• Removing and replacing components and peripherals to restore system operation.
• Installing and configuring software operating systems and applications.
• Providing service to end-users for operation, restoration, and configuration of
information systems.
• Reporting security incidents and executing corrective security procedures.
• Remove and replaces telephone instruments. • Plan, organize, and direct sustainment activities.
• Establish work standards, methods, and controls for preventative, scheduled, and
unscheduled maintenance actions.
• Determine extent and economy of repair of malfunctioning equipment.
• Ensure compliance with technical data, instructions, and work standards.
• Develop and enforce safety standards.
• Interpret malfunctions and prescribe corrective actions.
• Serve on or direct inspection teams organized to evaluate base or command sustainment
• Manage or perform research and development projects for assigned systems.
• Coordinate and document repairs.
• Manage, administer, control, and evaluate contracts
• Manage, supervise, and preform planning and implementation activities. • Manage implementation and project installation and ensure architecture, configuration
and integration conformity.
• Develop, plan, and integrate base communications systems.
• Serve as advisor at meetings for facility design, military construction programs and minor
construction planning.
• Evaluate base comprehensive plan and civil engineering projects.
• Monitor status of base civil engineer work requests.
• Perform mission review with customers.
• Control, manage, and monitor project milestones and funding from inception to
• Determine adequacy and correctness of project packages and amendments.
• Monitor project status and completion actions.
• Manage and maintain system installation records, files, and indexes.
• Evaluate contracts, wartime, support, contingency and exercise plans to determine impact
on manpower, equipment, and systems.