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TN Policies & Procedures

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Policy: When student is at risk of running or they have attempted, student is put on run watch. Guide can use discretion to apply run watch procedure whenever - immediately call on call staff who gets in contact with course leader. Student must write contract to help determine duration of run watch, STUDENT REMAINS ON run watch until course leader confirms otherwise.

Procedure: When student is on run watch, take all precautions to reduce ability to run. Lead guide fills out incident report.

1. one employee always within arm reach. If the student needs privacy, is accompanied by the same ender guide who is withing eyesight of another employee. Still in arms reach, guide can turn away from student who will count loudly until privacy isnt needed.

2. guides keep all students footwear for run watch unless: hiking, going to the bathroom, walking through camp, walking to shelter. Footwear is kept out of sight & out of reach & secure from all students at any other time.

3. mark days on run watch in red book & mention during call in every day

4. in cold months, can wear down booties

5. students dont move around camp without footwear or with only down booties

6. at night, student sleeps in own shelter connected and open to guide shelters, sleeping closest to guide of same gender. Guides collect extra items before bed (e.g. socks, jacket, backpack).

7. Guides update the operations dept. at morning call in daily on status of students on watch

8. in coordination with course leader, guides facilitate process of student writing in contract/agreement to end watch.