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Patrol Procedures


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Patrol is the ___ of APD and the __ of all police operations
FACE, Back Bone
Objectives of Patrol
-preserve the peace
-prevent crime through opportunity reduction
-suppress and investigate crime by timely responses
-apprehend suspects
The Importance of Patrol is __ and __
Protection and Service
CCP Art 2.13 Duties and Power
duty of every peace officer to preserve the peace within the officer's jurisdiction, the officer shall use all lawful means
CCP Art 6.05 Duty of Peace officer as to threats
it is the duty....to prevent the threatened injury, if within his power and in order to do this he may call in aid any number of citizens in his county
CCP Art 6.06 Peace officer to prevent injury
whenever in the presence of a peace officer, it is his duty to prevent it...must use the amount of force necessary to prevent the commission of the offense and no greater
CCP Art 6.07 Conduct of Peace officer
in preventing offenses about to be committed in their presence they may use all force necessary to repel the aggression
Physical Preparation
-personal grooming
-personal action
Mental Preparation
the single most important factor in officer survival is mental conditioning
Vehicle preparation
-report anything that needs servicing
-check gun rack
-check under seat belts
-check for warning lights
what is Cover
stops bullets example, US mailboxes, utility poles, brick walls, dirt embankments, cars and trucks
what is concealment
shrubs, wooden fences, shadows, cone of light
4 kinds of Police hazards
placing yourself in a position so as to provide the suspect with a definite identifiable target
-allows suspect to plan alternate course of action, and give them knowledge of number of officers, fire power and approach
distinctive sounds that alert suspects to the officers location
-parking to close to scene
-radio volume
Suspects Hands
make sure you can see everyones hands
2 types of patrol
Preventive and Apprehension
Preventive Patrol
conduct property checks, question suspicious person, maintain high visibility
Select Patrol
deals with specific problems or violations
Apprehension Patrol
Low visibility and surveillance
3 patterns of patrol
circular, double back and random
Lane selections
inside lane is effective for observation, to see both sides of street
5 modes of patrol
fixed wing or helicopter
One officer patrol advantage
preventive enforcement is doubled by having twice as many units on the street
two officer patrol advantage
greater safety function, can be used as a training aid for the correction of the officer mistake, two pairs of eyes are better than one
When to stop a pedestrian
Carrying something suspicious, weapon, contraband, television, acting strangely, staying in the same place
Percentages of communication
7-10% content
33-40 tone
60 + non verbal
transmitter of information so that it is readily understood; includes operators
a circuit in radios that quiets the receiver when no transmission or those to weak to be heard are being received
radio transmissions, both readable and not, which may be head over a particular frequency but may not be directed to be receiving base station, mobile radio or portable radio
National Crime Information Center
Texas Crime Information Center
Lady Bird Lake
Tom Miller dam to Longhorn Dam
Lake Austin
Mansfield Dam to Tom Miller Dam
What creek runs by APD main
Waller Creek
North Central
Central West
North East
Central East
South Central
South West
South East
How man patrol platoons are there?
7 shifts
How long is a shift rotation
28 days long
What day does the shift change on?
Main Patrol Building
Baker and George
North Substation
Adam, Edward, Ida
South Substation
David and Frank
Central East Substation
Charlie and Henry
Austin- Bergstrom Airport
Airport Unit
400 Deep Eddy
Parks Unit
4800 Shaw Lane
Training Academy and Ranges
Even number address on North/South roads are on which side of the street?
left side (west side)
Odd number addresses on East/West roads are
bottom (South side)
Emergency communication
a police officer or a citizen requesting an emergency event involving but not limited to
-life threatening occurrence/accident
-criminal activity
-breach of the peace
Services in Public Safety
-Law enforcement
-Fire service
-911 emergency comm.
-Emergency management services
-Public info services
permits the transfer of electrical energy into space
Base Station
radio station that is complete with antennas, receivers, and transmitters for radio transmission and reception
911 systems
call takers/ public safety answering point
Computer aided dispatch
transmitter of information so that it is readily understood; includes operators, supervisors
a desk mounted enclosed panel which contains a number of controls used to operate a base station
A circuit in radios that quiets the receiver when no transmission, or those to weak to be heard are being received
the number of complete cycles per second of alternating current or radio waves; measured in hertz
radio transmissions both readable and not, which may be heard over a particular frequency but may not be directed to the receiving base station or mobile/ portable radio
Mobile Radio
a complete transmit/ receive unit designed for installation in a vehicle
Texas Disaster Act
all request for assistance much be channeled through the proper civil authority to the governor of texas via DPS
Situations requiring organization and consistency in communications
Physical descriptions
Weapon types
Vehicle descriptions
Urgent situations
The FCC states that the licensee is responsible for all transmissions
-only for permissible purposes
-only in a permissible manner
-only by person with such authority to use and operate such equipment
Permissible communications
any transmission related directly to the imminent safety of life or property
-communications necessary for licensee to carry out job functions
-Testing and system maintenance
Prohibited communications
-no transmissions of program material of any kind for use in broadcasting
-no transmissions that render a communications common carrier service
Esprit de corps
is higher among officers who have a professional appearance and stay physically fit
-physical perperation
Beat Characteristics
-Socio-economic and geographic
-crime hazards
-crimes committed in area
-knowledge of assigned area
Vehicle preparation
-check tires
-look for leaks
-check overhead and head lights
-check radio and MDC
-In car audio-video check
What is a Skilled observer
one who is able to take in everything and sort out the relevant from the irrelevant
One Officer stops
-assume the recommended field interview position
-stand where persons can be restrained if necessary
-maintain overall observation of everyone
-move as necessary to prevent closing in or sorrounding
Sergeants will conduct Daily inspections of what?
-General grooming
-Duty belt
-foot gear
Officers will be ready to leave the substation how long after show up
15 minutes
Officers assigned to drive a RAT unit will do what if their assigned unit is not available
they will check out another unit and meet the on duty officer with the RAT equipped unit and exchange units
Officers will remain in their districts and available for calls how long before they end their tour?
30 mintues
When requesting a back up what info should be given?
Specific location
number of units needed
urgency of the need
nature of the situation
How many officers can go on break without the sergeants approval?
2 units
On traffic stops the officer should notify the dispatcher of......
-license plate number of vehicle
A vehicle in a tow away zone will be issued a citation and may be towed if it remains in the zone for.....?
0ver 10 minutes
Canine Unit should be utilized in the following situations
-when a suspect is thought to still be in a residence
-when roof entry has been made
-an violation of the law, class B MISDEMAENOR, where the suspect flees on foot
-assault/family violence where suspect mgiht stil be in the area
-Evidence searches
Secure the scene and contain the perimeter
Bar checks
-conducted with supervisors approval
-a minimum of 2 officers
-officers must notify dispatcher before entering
-officers will make conatct with owner and inform them of the check
any death of a child what age and under is investigated by homicide
17 and under
With a dead guy the officer should:
-notify homicide
-identify victims physician
-contact on duty medical examiner
-ensure funeral home is notified
-Remain at scene until decease has been removed by medical examiner or funeral home
sexual assault on victim 17 years or older the officer will contact the ...
Sex crime unit
sexual assault of victim 16 and younger officer will contact
Child abuse unit
The following should be taken to what hospital: Any adult victim, males 12 or older, females that have started menstrual cycle
St. Davids
The following should be taken to what hospital: Males under 12, females that have not started their menstrual cycle
Dell Children's hospital
LoJack activations, when will officers leave their assigned sector?
unless authorized by supervisor or tracking a signal
How to extinguish flares
snub the burning end against eh pavement to put out the flare
How far apart should you place flares
10 feet apart
Crime Prevention
a proactive anticipation recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and the action needed to remove or reduce that risk