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  1. charts
  2. show advanced timeline
  3. autocontent wizard
  4. slides tab
  5. handles
  1. a Displays your slides as small pictures or thumbnails.
  2. b a graphic way of presenting data in the text
  3. c wizard that gives prompts for the type of slide show being created
  4. d small black squares surrounding the edges of a graphic, allowing the graphic to be moved
  5. e Displays the time of the animation as a horizontal line graph.

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  1. Displays all the text on your slides in outline form
  2. Predefined paths for the movement of an object.
  3. a link in a document to a Web page or to another document
  4. lets you create a presentaions from scratch
  5. on the right side of the screen contains common tasks that you use frequently when creating a presentation

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  1. slide sorter viewA view that displays all slides simultaneously in miniature form


  2. datasheetsA table that appears within a chart


  3. powerpoint presentationAre usally used viewed using a projector on a screen


  4. notes page viewThis view has four panes: the slides pane, the task pane, the outline pane, and the notes pane.


  5. effects optionsdetermine how one slide is removed from the screen and how the next one appears