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Rules Of Being a Manager of MHMS Awesome Study Group

you better follow these rules managers! or i'm demoting you to a member!
Rule Number. 1
Let anyone in who is in the 6th grade
Rule Number. 2
Be polite, and don't brag to members that you have a higher role then they do
Rule Number. 3
If you have any questions about anything, ask the creator (max)
Rule Number. 4
Don't delete the group!!! If you do, max will kick you out of every group you are in. (because he's manager of basically all of them)
Rule Number. 5
If you notice someone left the group, find them and tell them to come back or invite them.
Rule Number. 6
Never tell the creator or members what to do!
Rule Number. 7
Never kick anyone out of the group!!
Rule Number. 8
If you mess up anything, you will be kicked out of MHMS Awesome Study group FOREVER.