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the dear blank please blank for aids was provided by catherine breen if you come across it! lolz

Free union

people living as husband and wife without the sanction of the law


living chastely by seeking God's will in areas of sexuality


self-induced sexual pleasure


inability to conceive a child


disordered craving for sexual pleasures


sexual relations with someone other than one's spouse (or an unmarried person with a married person)


defined as what a person is not doing; positive choice not to engage in sex outside of marriage


sex engaged in by unmarried people


virtue of temperance that applies to how a person speaks, dresses, or conducts himself or herself; protects the intimate center of a person by refusing to unveil what should remain hidden; being respectful of our own sexuality


martial faithfulness between husbands and wives that requires saving sex for each other and ask couples to be loyal to each other through good times and bad times


ability to produce offspring; a gift proper to marriage, which can allow a husband and wife to participate with God in the creation of new life


The essence of this task is to find out how we look at others


This element is largely of nurture and deals with the free sexual choice one has made including poor choices, regrets, misdeeds, and misjudgments; free self-determination is one of the goals of sexual growth and integration


official teaching office of the church, the pope and the bishops


love of God and love of neighbor as one loves oneself

Theological Virtues

three important virtues bestowed on us at Baptism that relates us to God (faith hope and love)


moderation in controlling our desires for physical pleasure

Original sin

consequence of the sin of our first parents

Cardinal virtues

four hinge virtues that support moral living

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

because of the Holy Spirit, these are evident in a person who is living a Christ-like, moral and upright life


"right reason in action" concerning the best way to live morally


trust in God's salvation and his bestowal of the graces needed to attain it


belief and personal knowledge of God


giving God and each person his/her due by right

Free will

the power, rooted in reason and will, to perform deliberate actions to one's own responsibility


Christian virtue of social charity and friendship


quality of being worthy of esteem or respect


is interested in what we ought to do


who I am and who I'm becoming


firm attitudes, stable dispositions, and habitual perceptions that help us live morally according to reason and faith

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

wisdom, understanding, council, fortitude, knowledge, piety, fear of the Lord


is inherent because it is an essential part of our lives; inviolable because it cannot be violated; inalienable because no one can take it away from us

Principle of subsidarity

larger group in society should not interfere with small group in society

Ectopic pregnancy

the newly developing embryo gets trapped in a scarred tube and begins to grow in that abnormal location; if undetected this embryo will grow and rupture through the fallopian tube; massive internal bleeding can occur

Pap smear

method for early detection of cancer especially of the uterine cervix


involuntary response that cannot tell right from wrong or beneficial from harmful, it rewards all kinds of behaviors without distinction

Reward Signal

official term for what dopamine does to us

Transformation zone

very sensitive area of cells at the tip of the womb or cervix, vulnerable to STDS

Treatment of Chalmydia

when discovered early can be treated with antibiotics, later complications of tubal scarring is extremely difficult to treat

Actions of Oxytocin

have to do with the reproduction and the nourishment of and provision for a supportive and protective environment of a child

female body uses oxytocin

meaningful or intimate touching with another person (hopefully male), onset of labor in a pregnant woman, breast feeding, NOT EXERCISE


monogamy molecule; neurochemical that helps men to bond during intimate physical contact


bacterial STD; if detected early, can be treated successfully with antibiotics; men experience symptoms more often then women


spread through exchange of bodily fluids between 1 person and another such as blood, semen, vaginal fluid, and a mother's milk; can be dormant for 10 years; attacks the body's lymphoid or immunity tissues


many symptom is the chancre sore, which is a small, round, painless sore or ulcer; occurs mainly on the genitals, but can also appear on the lips and in the mouth; in advanced stages, disease damages the internal organs, including the brain, nerves, and causes dementia and even death


cold sore virus


genital herpes: presents itself with symptoms of genital sores, ulcers, or blisters; while many people are asymptomatic

long-term connectedness

One of the results of oxytocin bonding that takes place in the normal male-female relationship is

Treatment of HPV

infected areas can be treated by a variety of caustic chemicals, by freezing, by electrically burning, by cutting, or by using a type of laser; follow up treatment is routinely needed because hidden areas are not always detected at first


End stage of HIV, 100% fatal (quick dearblankpleaseblank: Dear AIDS, despite your name, you're not really helping out that much. Sincerely, Africa)


showing no symptoms


implies a clear medical problem, usually some obvious signs or symptoms


when an STD has no signs or symptoms, or has such mild signs & symptoms they can be overlooked; the sexually transmitted virus or bacteria can create "this" which may or may not result in a disease


neurochemical that makes a person feel good when doing something exciting or rewarding; making the person feel the need or desire to repeat pleasurable, exciting and rewarding acts


The impediment to freedom that is caused by not paying sufficient attention before we act

Inordinate attachment

the impediment to freedom that involves craving something to the point of it owning us

The Blessed Trinity

the source of moral law


fundamental most basic norm of Christian morality on which we should pattern our lives

Civil law

particular application of the natural law for the members of a particular society


ordinance of reason for the common good, made and promulgated by those who are in charge of the community

Natural Law

nothing other than the rational creature's participation in the eternal law;universal and immutable; it applies to all people, in all places, for all time;is implanted in our hearts

Old Law

Law of Moses; Ten Commandments; special function is to reveal what is sinful

Eternal Law

nothing other than the plan of divine wisdom as directing all acts and movements


unbridled, excessive, undisciplined freedom that abuses true liberty


the movements of our senses that predispose us to act/not act relation tto something we feel or imagine to be good or evil.


deny that humans have the power to choose




rooted in both reason and will

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