Miller 1B- Group C- Part

The following flash cards are examples of Orature Literature from: Sundiata, Voice of the Wild Goose, Hymn to the Great Aten, Ogun Kills on the Right, Most Beautiful Youth Who Ever Happened, Metamorphosis, The Story telling Stone, and He is More than a Hero.
"Then she laughed derisively with that fierce laughter which cuts through your flesh and penetrates right to the bone. "
Imagery- Sundiata
"...brought up from the depths by the animals and put upon the turtle's back and patted by the beavers' tails and allowed to grow before it could receive her who had fallen rom the sky."
Imagery- The story telling Stone
"Cheer me up, Mother. Cheer me up."
Repetition- Sundiata
"The boy grew up and grew old."
Repeat-and-vary.- The Storytelling stone
"What was he thinking about?"
call and response. Sundiata
"Take your bow, Simbon,
Take your bow and let us go.
Take your bow, Sogolon Djata."
Repeat-and-vary. Sundiata
"large tree with white blossoms."
Imagery- The Storytelling Stone
"I am the mighty silk-cotton tree that looks from on high on the tops of other trees.
And I, I am the strangling creeper that climbs to the top of the forest giant."
Parallelism- Sundiata
"And how shall we name you, little warrior?"
call-and-response. Song of a Mother
"They have washed your body and clothed it with beauty. They have set a fire in your eyes."
Parallelism- Song of a Mother
"Be proud as I am proud. Be Be happy as I am happy. Be loved as now I am loved."
Repeat-and-vary. Song of a Mother
"Child, Child, child, love I have had from my man."
Repetition(Of Child). Song of a Mother
"He gives one to the woodcock- who dyes it in indigo. He gives one to the coucal- who dyes it in camwood. He gives one to the cattle egret- who leaves it white."
Parallelism. Ogun Kills on the Right
Mast of iron, chief of robbers, you have water, but you bathe in blood."
Imagery- Ogun kills on the right.
"No earth hung balanced in surrounding air;
No sea reached far along the fringe of shore."
Parallelism- Metamorphosis
"Does the woman who spins ever reject a spindle? Does the woman who dyes ever reject a cloth? Does the eye that sees ever reject a sight?"
Call and Response- Ogun kills on the Right
Repetition- Ogun Kills on the Right
"That was the first time when the burnt air glowed
White-hot, or icicles hung down in winter."
Imagery- Metamorphosis
"modesty and truth
And righteousness fled earth, and in their place
Came trickery and slyness, plotting, swindling,
Violence and the damned desire of having."
Parallelism- Metamorphosis
"But what can I tell my mother to whom I return every day when I am laden with catch?"
Call-and-response. The Voice of the Wild Goose
"The voice of the wild goose, caught by the bait, cries out."
imagery- Voice of the Wild Goose
"And love of you goes round and round"
repetition(round and round) Most Beautiful Youth Who Ever Happened
"My heart seeks you out."
imagery- Most Beautiful Youth Who Ever Happened
"Are you not indeed well-being and life?"
Call-and-Response. Most Beautiful Youth Who Ever Happened
You fill every land with your beauty.
You are beauteous, great, radiant,
High over every land;
Repeat-and-vary. Hymn to the Great Aten
As you dispel the dark,
As you cast your rays,
Parallelism- Hymn to the Great Aten
You made Hapy in dat,
You bring him when you will,
Repetition- Hymn to the Great Aten
You alone, shining in your form of living Aten,
Risen, radiant, distant, near.
Imagery- Hymn the the Great Aten