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  1. core
  2. language boundary
  3. centrifugal
  4. territorial integrity
  5. federal state
  1. a processes that incorporate higher levels of education, higher salaries and more technology; generate more wealth than periphery processes in the world-economy
  2. b A political-territorial system wherein a central government represents the various entities within a nation-state where they have common interests-defense, foreign affairs, and the like-yet allows these various entities to retain their own identities and to have their own laws, policies, and customs in certain spheres.
  3. c Forces that tend to divide a country-such as international religious, linguistic, ethnic, or ideological differences
  4. d the right of a state to defend soverign territory against incurrsion from other states
  5. e boundary that separates different language speakers, i.e., traditionally man countries in Europe such as England, France, Spain, and Portugal

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  1. state having a portion of a territory that is elongated, i.e., Thailand
  2. world order in which one state is in a position of dominance with allies following rather than joining the political decision-making process
  3. nation that does not have a state
  4. boundaries that are created as a result of long-term process, i.e., Vietnam/China
  5. boundary that has been forced upon the inhabitants of an area to solve a problem and/or conflict, i.e., Indonesia/Papua New Guinea

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  1. exclavesmall portion of land that is separated from the main state, i.e., Kaliningrad/Russia


  2. nation-statepolitical unit comprising a clearly delineated territory where the population shared a common history and culture, i.e., Japan


  3. democracyportion of a state that is totally surrounded by another state, i.e., Armenian Nagorno-Karabagh


  4. human territorialityA term associated with the work of Robert Sack that describes the efforts of human societies to influence events and achieve social goals by exerting, and attempting to enforce, control over specific geographical areas.


  5. boundary disputewhen two or more states disagree about the demarcation of a political boundary