34 terms

Social Studies-Ch.9

1. Satires-
Pokes fun at human weaknesses.
2. Ode
Poems that expresses strong emotion about life.
3. Anatomy
The study of body structure.
4. Aqueducts
human made channels built to carry water.
5. Paterfamilias
Father of the family.
6. Disintegrated
To fall apart.
7. Plague
Diseases that spread quickly and kill many people.
8. Inflation
Period of rapidly increasing prices.
9. Monastery-
Religious communities where monks live and work.
10. Refugee-
A person who flees to another country to escape persecution or disaster
11. Excerpt
A small piece of the poem or story.
12. Barter
Exchange of goods without using money.
Curved ceiling.
14. Rhetoric
Public Speaking
15. Regent
Is a person who stands in for ruler who is to young or is to ill to govern.
16. Saints
Christian holy people.
17. Mosaics
Pictures made from tiny bits of glass or stone.
18. 12 Tables-
The 12 main Roman Rules.
19. Reforms
Political changes to make things better.
20. Horde-
21. Forum
Open space in Rome that served as a market place and a public square.
22. Constantinpole
The great city built by Constantine, today it is Istanbul.
23. Byzantium-
The eastern Roman empire, that is mixed with Roman, Greek, and Christian ideas.
24. Livy-
Famous Roman Historian
25. Galen-
Roman doctor who brought many medical ideas to Rome.
26. Ptolemy
A Roman scientist
Enslaved people who fought animals and each other.
28. Spartacus
A gladiator who led a revolt of 70,000 slaves that defeated several Roman armies.
29. Commodus-
30. Diocletian
A General who became Emperor. He introduces reforms to help stop the decline of Rome.
31. Constantine-
Also a general that became emperor, he moved the capital from Rome to Byzantium, the present day city of Istanbul.
32. Alaric-
A Visigoth leader who captured Rome.
33. Justinian
Became emperor of the Byzantine Empire.
34. Tribonian
A group of legal scholars.