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Greek Name: Apollo,
Role: God of poetry, prophecy, music, archery, arts sports, medicine
Symbol: Lyre, Laurel Wreath, Python, Raven, Bows and Arrows
Twin Sister is Diana


Greek Name: Aphrodite
Role: Goddess of Love and Beauty
Symbol: Clamshell, sea foam and shooting arrows of desire


Greek Name: Artemis
Role: Goddess of hunt and moon
Symbol: Forest animals, bow and arrow and the moon.


Greek Name: Hades
Role: God of the Underworld
Symbol: The Helmet of Invisibility


Greek Name: Demeter
Role: Goddess of harvest and agriculture
Symbol: Stalks of Wheat


Greek: Hestia
Role: Goddess of home and hearth
Symbol: Eternal Flame


Greek Name: Dionysis
Role: God of Wine
Symbol: Grapes


Greek Name: Zeus
Role: King of the Olympians, Judge and the Sky
Symbol: Thunderbolt and eagle


Greek Name: Hera
Role: Queen of Olympians, goddess of marriage and wealth
Symbol: Peacock, Crown


Greek Name: Athena
Role: God of Wisdom, War Strategy and Weaving(3W's)
Symbol: Full body Armor and owl


Greek Name: Hermes
Role: God of Messenger, Thievery and Travel
Symbol: Winged Helmet and Shoes. Holds a Caduceus


Greek Name: Poseidon
Role: God of Sea and Earthquake
Symbol: Horses, Trident and Water Animals


Greek Name: Hephaestus
Role: God of Blacksmith, forging metal and weapons.
Symbol: Fire, hammer and anvil


Greek Name: Ares
Role: God of War(Blood Battle)
Symbol: Full Body Armor

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