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Humanities 2 Exam Part 1

Julius II
High renaissance began with the papacy of
School of Athens
single work that represents the Renaissance ideal
he thought of himself as a sculptor
Michelangelo resisted painting the Sistine Chapel because
greek cross
Saint Peter's Basilica floor plan
Madonna of the Long Neck
disturbing elements of _____ , included proportions, dead baby, eroticism
Sistine Chapel
most important center for Roman Music
tents, overextended figures, disjointed spaces were all characters of
translated the bible into German
Luther's most significant achievement
King James Version of 1611 in the English translation of a
French Protestants
Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre was the massacre of
Greatest English Achievement in the Renaissance
Hapsburg family
Austria and Spain was ruled by
printing press
newspapers/books, interests to read, undermined Latin/other languages, dominance of universities were all effects of the
People who attended Shakespeare plays
Most versatile and varied Baroque painter
these types of paintings are especially popular with the_____painters. ( landscapes, still life, group portraits)
First genius in the history of the opera
Artist to study and portray his feelings in a series of self-portraits
to observe celestial bodies
Galileo's use of telescope
Renes Descartes
Father of "Modern Philosophy"
Don Quixote and Las Meninas
two Baroque works that are the meditations on the relationships between art and reality
French Baroque comedy was created by
Mozart and Hogarth
Two artists from the 18th century who have the most in common are
Shortly after Marriage was painted by
Mozart, plot
Writer of the opera The Marriage of Figaro, why was it revolutionary?
Father of Symphony
Fetes Galantes often appeared in the works of
poverty and irony
Modest Proposal is about
wealthy patrons
Power of Florence was primarily the result of the efforts of it's thinkers, artists, and ______.
Roman ruins
Brunelleschi learned how to construct domes by studying. What did he study?
The birth of Venus
______ represents platonic idealism, ideal female figures, Christian mystique.
cameo carvings
Madonna of the Stairs is reminiscent of
Praise of the Folly
Only book that outsold the bible was
Leonardo De Vinci
Mona Lisa, Madonna on the Rocks, Last Supper, Cecilia were all works of
St Peter's Basilica in Rome
The Pieta, was created for and still displayed in
Michelangelo and Raphael
Two most famous artists of the High Renaissance
Plato and Aristotle
Two most famous Greek Philosophers
Martin Luther
who attacked the Roman Catholic Church
Chiaroscuro was a style of painting by