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  1. Second Bank of the United States
  2. Sectionalism
  3. Indian Removal Act
  4. Era of Good Feelings
  5. Spoils System
  1. a the practice of rewarding political supporters with government positions
  2. b the belief that one's own section, or region, of the country is more important than the whole
  3. c term used to describe the intense spirit of nationalism that existed in America during the early 1800s
  4. d national bank given a 20-year charter in 1816 to regulate state banks
  5. e law passed by Congress in 1830 which required the relocation of 5 Indian nations to the area West of Mississippi River, designated as Indian Territory

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  1. the average length of time between the birth of parents and that of their offspring
  2. Chief Justice of the Supreme from 1801-1835 (longest of any justice in the Supreme Court)
  3. treaty between US and Britain which set the Northern border of the LA territory at the 49th parallel for a period of 10 years
  4. the belief that the interests of the nation as a whole are more important that regional interests or the interest of other countries
  5. tariff passed in 1828 which raised rates to a very high level. the southerners and westerners opposed it

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  1. Trails of Tearthe March of 18,000 Cherokee Indians from Georgia to Oklahoma during the rainy and bitterly cold winter of 1832. 1/4 died of hunger, exposure, disease, and bandits


  2. Democratic Partypolitical party created by Jackson and his supporters following presidential election of 1824


  3. Missouri Compromisean American painter who helped establish the Hudson River School of Art and best known for his landscapes


  4. Bush-Bagot Treatytreaty between US and Spain in which the US acquired Florida and gave up claims to Texas


  5. Noah Webstera lexicographer who published An American Dictionary of the English Language


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