8th Grade-Ch. 2 Electricity

potential difference
electric current
an increase in voltage causes a greater flow of
the greater this is, the less current there is for a given voltage.
parallel circuit
type of circuit where different parts of the circuit are on separate branches
circuit breaker
safety device that uses an electromagnet to shut off a circuit when the current becomes too great.
circuit is designed to carry electric currents from a short directly to Earth.
lightning rod
created by Ben Franklin to carry charge through a wire to the Earth during a storm.
causes the current to flow
battery & generator
2 examples of voltage sources
path of least resistance
an electric current will always travel on ________
series circuit
type of circuit where all of the bulbs will become dimmer as more bulbs are added
short circuit
a connection that allows the current to take an unintended path.
rubber-soled shoes
decrease the chance of serious injury if you become part of a circuit.
disadvantage is that they can only be used once.
stay low and dry
best way to protect yourself if outside during a lightning storm.
1 amp
effect on the body is to stop the heart and cause burns.
how houses are wired
parallel circuit
rate at which energy is transformed from one form to another
voltage X current
unit of power
power X time
unit of energy