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Geography And Culture

Will Fischer's flashcard set for period 1 World Culture
What are the 5 themes of geography?
Movement, Region, Location, Interaction, Place
Define Geography
The topographical features of a region
Define Exports
To send or transmit to another place
Define Culture
Somthing that makes up a person, such as traditions, food, family, ect..
Define Cultural Diffusion
Process by which a cultural trait, material or idea is spread from one society to another.
Define Nuclear Family
Social unit composed of father, mother, and children
What is the difference between extended family and nuclear family?
Extended family may have more than one wife.
Define ethnocentrism
To view alien groups or cultures from perspective of ones own
What is the problem with project maps?
They can make certain country's seem superior to others.
Whats a great worksheet to help study the geography and culture?
The Mr. Lip worksheet