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The main protagonist in our novel is?


The antagonist in out novel is?

Lt. Kotler (or whoever else she said could be)

Bruno describes his sister as a ?

"Hopeless Case"

Gretel notices that _________ are missing from the group of people on the other side of the fence.

woman, girls, grandmothers

There is a ______ attached to the bench in the garden.


Gretel thinks their new home is in the _______.


Bruno is _____ years old when Maria comes to work fro his family.


Bruno is studying the Middle Ages. His favorite part is the?

knights who go off on adventures

Bruno asks Lt. Kotler for a ?

tyre or tire

________ gets Bruno a tyre.


Pavel previously practiced as a?


Grandfather thinks that Bruno's father should be called a?


Bruno's birthday is?

April 15, 1934

Bruno wants to be like _____________ when he grows up.

Christopher Columbus

Shmuel is ____ years old.


Out-With is located in _____.


The family entertains a special guest. It is?


Shmuel's family is forced to ?


Shmuel wants to be a ______ when he grows up.

zoo keeper

Herr Liszt doesn't allow Bruno to read?

adventure books

In the kitchen, Shmuel is ______ the glasses.


The family returns to Berlin for?

Grandmother's funeral

Instead of dolls, Gretel now has _____ all over her room.


Gretel finds a ______ _______ in her hair.

lice egg

Bruno is forced to?

shave off his hair

Know Bruno and Shmuel. EX: appearance, background, personality, motivation, relationships, conflicts, and change.


The conclusion of our novel leaves the reader feeling sad. IF you could re-write the ending, what would happen to our characters?


For various reasons, in a story, a reader is usually drawn to one character in particular. Which character are you drawn to in "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas"? why?


Now that we have finished the book and the film, which version do you prefer? Why? Please be specific in your answer.


This novel focuses quite a bit on prejudice. Do you feel that as Christians, we tend to be more judgmental of other people? why or why not?


BONUS: Where is John Boyne originally from?


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