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BBYO Board Positions

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Moreh/Aym Ha'Chaverot
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The Aleph Gizbor/Gizborit (Treasurer) is responsible for everything finance related in the chapter: overseeing chapter funds, planning fundraisers, managing the chapter's contribution to the International Service Fund and keeping the chapter's best interest in mind when it comes to overseeing the chapter finances.
The Aleph Mazkir/Mazkirah (Secretary) is responsible for all communication within the chapter or council/region. Utilizing the latest and most innovative communication methods, it is the Mazkir's responsibility to ensure that every member knows about every happening in the chapter and in the local community. In some communities, the Mazkir/Mazkirah is responsible for coordinating BBYO Stand UP efforts in their local community.
The job of the Aleph S'gan/S'ganit (Vice President of Programming) is to coordinate programming at whatever level of AZA or BBG they serve, spearhead programming initiatives, and work with a large group of inspiring counterparts to strengthen program excellence across the movement. They should use the 6 Programming Folds of AZA or 7 Programming Folds of BBG to inspire events.
The Aleph Shomer (Vice President of Judaism) is responsible for all Jewish enrichment activities in their community. In chapters with a Shomer, the Shaliach is solely responsible for community service and advocacy initiatives. The two positions work closely together due to Judaism's deep commitment to service, and the intention of separating the position is to elevate Judaic programming.