ARM 55 Chp 9

distinctive features of crime risk
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robbersharm or threaten to harm people in order to steal from themshopliftersdiffer from burglars, in that they are legitimately on the the premises as customers, whereas burglars gain authorized access by breaking infraudan intentional misrepresentation resulting in harm to a person or organizationembezzlementthe fraudulent taking of money or other personal property by one to whom that property has been entrustedcounterfeitinga form of forgery that involves privately duplicating a country's currency or presenting it as genuine with knowledge that it's notforgerythe act of creating or presenting false documents or artwork as genuine in order to commit fraud2 broad types of crime caused by counterfeiters and forgers1. they can induce and organization to accept falsified currency, checks, credit cards, other negotiable instruments, documents, or artwork 2. by creating or using unauthorized or stolen copies of the organization's own documents, then can impersonate the organizationvandalismwillful and malicious damage to or destruction of propertyarsonthe deliberate setting of fire to property for a fraudulent or malicious purposeterrorismdomestic terrorists may target an organization's property, persons, and activities with the intention of forcing the organization to change or close its businessespionagethe act of obtaining confidential information through personal observation or mechanical, digital, or electronic techniques that circumvent efforts to protect the information's confidentialityresults of espionage1. interference with competitive advantage through the revelation of trade secrets 2. violation of employees' rights to keep their personal information from becoming public knowledge 3. revelation of national defense secrets