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Person with rights and duties under a government who owes allegiance to a country.


The process of becoming a citizen.


Citizen of one country who lives in another and can't vote or hold government office.


Person elected to speak/act in government on behalf of their fellow citizens.

US citizen

Person who by birth or choice owes allegiance to US.


Citizen of one country who lives in another and can't vote or hold government office.


The process of learning the rules of a group/institution that you're in.

President or Vice President

Naturalized citizens cannot be...

Office of Citizen

Determine how long representatives hold office and delegate them the power to make decisions and pass laws.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services


Immigration and Naturalization Service


Jury of Peers

Group of citizens who decide whether someone is guilty of innocent


People with important information about a case

Common good

Well-being of society


Person running for office

Rule of Law

Law is more important than any individual (Protects against tyranny)

Protected by government when working or traveling in other countries

Rights of citizens


Formal/written rules


Legal documentation/agreement


No individual is above to law (government of laws)

Conscientious objector

Person who refuses to fight in time of war due to moral beliefs

Criminal Trial

Process of proving if accused person committed a crime

5 -16

Age requirement to attend school (varies by state)

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