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  1. Common good
  2. Immigration and Naturalization Service
  3. Alien
  4. Laws
  5. Representative
  1. a INS
  2. b Person elected to speak/act in government on behalf of their fellow citizens.
  3. c Well-being of society
  4. d Citizen of one country who lives in another and can't vote or hold government office.
  5. e Formal/written rules

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  1. The process of becoming a citizen.
  2. Rights of citizens
  3. Person running for office
  4. Naturalized citizens cannot be...
  5. Person who by birth or choice owes allegiance to US.

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  1. Conscientious objectorLegal documentation/agreement


  2. SocializationThe process of learning the rules of a group/institution that you're in.


  3. United States Citizenship and Immigration ServicesUSCIS


  4. ContractNo individual is above to law (government of laws)


  5. 5 -16Age requirement to attend school (varies by state)