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final exam review - dance

Review of my first semester of dance
African Slaves
Jazz was brought to America by
Cake Walk
Social dance where couples parade in a circle in competion for a cake
New Orleans
birth place for blues music
Jack Cole
father of Jazz dance
technological advancement that has changed dance
Hip Hop
Cultrual movement that began among African American and Latinos
Early 1980's
portions of Hip Hop culture began spreading into the mainstream during
Old and New school
Hip Hop dance can be divided into two ...
four elements of hip hop
MCing, DJing, graffiti and break dancing
to lengthen muscles, wake-up body release tension, prevent injury
accepted standards for proper postural balance
dance or combination with smooth and strong movements, usually to popular music
jazz stride
running action reaching with the toe first, remaining the same low level the entire time
moving one body part independently of the others
no rotation toes straight ahead
outward rotation of the legs from the hip socket to the feet
rising on to the toe
a bending of the knees over the knees
delaying the head then whipping it around in order to maintain focus
dance hands
soft hands, thumb in line with the middle finger
jazz hand
fingers spread apart "spider hand"
all muscles pull center or inward
three step turn
take three eual steps while rotating 360 degrees
pivot turn
performed in two steps. 1/2 turn on the balls of the feet to change directions
to chase a sliding action or step together step. feet "kiss"
pas de bourree'
a sidewards movement or transition step where a person steps back, side, front
cross ball change
cross front, rock side, step
a turn, performed on releve' with the leg in passe' hook
passe' hook
passe' the foot at the knee, big toe touches knee
on your knees, elbows and hands parallel and flat on floor, head down, back flat
chain link turns, rapid turns in a straight line
leap from one foot to another
place the ball of the foot on the floor but do not change weight usually done in prep
place tips of toes on the floor
semi third
left foot slightly turned out, right foot straight heel in arch of the left foot
first position
legs turned out from hips heels and knees touching
second position
legs turned out from the hips, heels shoulder distance apart
third position
legs turned out from the hips, one foot directly in front of the other
fourth position
legs turned out from the hips open from third or fifth with the feet 8-10 inches apart
fifth position
legs turned out from the hips one foot directly in front of the other heels of the front foot at the point of the toe of the back foot