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literary work in which all or most of characters, settings, and events stand for ideas, qualities, or figures beyond themselves


repetition of consonant sounds at the beginnings of words


reference to well-known person, place, event, music. literary work or work of art


comparison between two unlike things


brief account of interesting or funny event


force or character opposing the protagonist


repetition of vowel sounds


narrative song or poem


story of a person's life

blank verse

poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter


person or force in a literary work

round character

character whose good and bad quaitites are shown

flat character

only one personality trait is shown

dynamic character

character who changes in the course of the literary work

static character

character who stays the same in the course of a literary work


act of creating and developing a character in a literary work

direct characterization

author tells reader what a character is like

indirect characterization

author lets reader make up his/her own mind about a character


sequence of events that make up a story



rising action

action between the exposition and the climax


point of highest emotional intensity; turning point

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