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  1. oxygen
  2. domain
  3. homeostasis
  4. do not arise from nonliving materials
  5. genus name and species name
  1. a The experiments of Redi and Pasteur helped to demonstrate that living things _______________________________.
  2. b Scientists hypothesize that the first life forms on Earth did not need ______________ to survive.
  3. c The classification level that is broader that kingdom is ___________.
  4. d an organisms ability to maintain stable internal conditions is ___________________.
  5. e An organism's scientific name consists of its _________________________.

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  1. A plant growing twoard the light is an example of a _____________________.
  2. Charls Darwin's __________________ had a major impact on classification.
  3. Scientists organize living things into groups so that the organisms are _______________.
  4. The most abundant chemical found in living cells is _________.
  5. _____________ and ____________ help to identify organisms.

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  1. stimulusa change in an organism's surroundings that causes it to react is called ____________________


  2. autotrophAn organism that makes its own food is called an __________.


  3. the conditions of early EarthMiller and Urey conducted an experiment where they recreated the _____________________________ in a flask.


  4. poduced only by living thingsCharls Darwin's __________________ had a major impact on classification.


  5. unicellular and multicellular organismsAn organism's scientific name consists of its _________________________.