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Value 1


Value 2

We are a product driven company

Value 3

At Trader Joe's we create WOW customer experience every day

Value 4

No Bureaucracy

Value 5

We are a national chain of neighborhood grocery stores

Value 6


Value 7

The store is our Brand

Integrity simply means:

it means that you treat others as you would like to be treated. Our Company is very unusual because of this important and key Value.

Value #2 - We are a product driven Company: We differentiate our business by three factors -

At Trader Joe's we have elected to differentiate our business from other food retailers based on our (1) products (2) the customer experience and the (3) overall value that we provide by having great products at outstanding prices.

Value #2 - We are a product driven Company - Part Two

Our Buying/Merchandising groups search the World over for great products that are screened for acceptance through the rigorous parameters of our unique "Buying Philosophy." This Philosophy is the cornerstone of our product focus and guides the Buyers in their challenge to find the amazing new products that our customers love.

Value #3 - At Trader Joe's we create WOW customer experience every day: Our commitment to three specifics of the shopping experience.

We are committed to make every customer shopping experience:
1. rewarding
2. eventful
3. fun.

The two levels of the customer experience that we must approach carefully are:

1. The internal experience
2. The external experience

The internal customer experience represents . . .

the way a customer "feels" about the store experience, or how they feel about themselves while shopping in our stores.

In the internal customer experience the customers ask themes selves

• Do they really care that I am shopping here today?
• Do they really care that I am safe in their store or parking lot?
• Do they really respect me as a person?
• Do they really trust me?

In short, the "internal" experiences represent the feelings a customer gets about our . . .

delight that they are shopping with us and our care for them as customers and people. We are committed to treating customers as if they were honored guests in our home.

The internal shopping experience set us apart from other grocery retailers and set the stage for . . . .

the customer's participation in the "external experience" of shop- ping at Trader Joe's.

The "external" customer experience represents the . . .

visual or behavioral experiences a customer may have while shopping.

These "external" customer experience interactions may come from

1. great signage that passes along information
2. a wonderful demo program
3. engaging interaction with Crew Members
4. store features that entertain or inform customers.

Our focus and careful execution of all these external customer experiences...that must. . .

include participation by the differenti- ate our stores and are vital for our success.

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