Mrs. Tonnies' 5th Grade

Why does the cycle of day and night occur?


As you travel west from one time zone to another, is it one hour earlier or one hour later?

One hour earlier

If you start out in New York City and it is 1:00pm, then travel west to Nashville, what time is it in Nashville?


Explain why officials needed to set up time zones in the late 1800s.


Why does Earth have seasons?


When it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere, what season is it in the Summer Hemisphere? Explain.


What is the day called that has the most hours of daylight?

The summer solstice.

What is the day called that has the least hours of daylight?

The winter solstice.

Why is it warmer in the summer than in the winter?


In Antarctica, why is it cold even in the summer?


Define SUN:


Define ROTATE:


Define AXIS:




Define ORBIT:




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