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agnosco, agnoscere, agnovi, agnitum


asper, aspera, asperum

rough, rash, wild

cado, cadere, cecidi, ---

fall, sink, die

colo, colere, colui, cultum

cultivate, tend, dwell in, worship

crudelis, crudele

cruel, harsh, bloody

durus, dura, durum

hard, harsh, tough

extremus, extrema, extremum

outermost, last

forma, formae, fem.

form, beauty, shape

horreo, horrere, ---, ---

bristle, be rough, (of hair) stand on end


thence, from there

juvo, juvare, juvi, jutum

help, assist, aid, please

manes, manium, masc. pl.

the shades/spirits of the dead; poet. = lower world

monstrum, monstri, neut.

wonder, portent, monster

obscurus, obscura, obscurum

dark, covered, obscure, secret

pando, pandere, pandi, pansum/passum

spread out, extend, reveal, dishevel (with crinis)

prior, prius

former, higher in importance; prius (adv.), before, sooner

reddo, reddere, reddidi, redditum

give back, restore, give as due, deliver

scelus, sceleris, neut.

crime, misfortune

sors, sortis, fem.

lot, fate, destiny


so, so far, to such a degree (SIGN WORD)

tumulus, tumuli, masc.

mound of earth, hill, sepulchral mound

vestis, vestis, fem.

garment, clothing, tapestry

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