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30 years old, citizen for 9 years, resident for the state you represent

qualifications of Senators

25 years old, citizen for 7 years, lives in state that they represent

qualifications of Representatives

impeachment procedures, more specialized, revenue bills start here,

special powers the house has

the jury in an impeachment case,Vice President must vote to break a tie, approves all treaties, all judicial nominees and the presidents cabinet

special powers the Senate has

6 years

senators term length

2 years

representatives term length

100 members

senators total

435 members

representatives total

9 reps

how many representatives does indiana have?

Major party member, inline for presidency after the vice president, reelected at the beginning of each new congress, leader of the house of representatives

duties of speaker of the house


this person tries to get members to vote along with the party

Speaker, majority/minority leaders

what is the party leadership order (from highest official to lowest)

President of the Senate

vice president of the us, tie breaker in the senate

committees are the driving force behind the law-making process and speeds up the process. the majority party controls the committees

what are the purposes of committees

pork legislation

using government funds to please voters & win votes. projects are roads, bridges, post offices, ect.

gets to say how long the bill can be debated, have the power to kill the bill, when their committee meets

special powers of chair of committees


halting a bill by long speechs or endless debates aka just keep talking for a reaaaaally long time so eventually everyone will leave and vote at a later time


groups of members of Congress who share interests who often vote together


needing 60 votes to stop a filibuster


process of giving out seats to each state based on the state's population


happens after a census, the state divided into districts so that each district has the same population

standing committee

a permanent committee that meets regularly

joint committee

a committee made up of members of both the house and the senate

conference committee

a committee that consists of three members from the house and senate, which is appointed to resolve differences in a bill

it gets killed

what usually happens to bill?

special committee

a committee appointed to perform a special function

white, male, college educated, independently wealthy, married, Christian

characteristics of typical members of Congress


a government officer who is currently holding the position

making laws

what official power did the Constitution give Congress


the power or right to reject a proposed bill

pocket veto

when the president doesn't sign a bill and leaves it alone until its too late or the the legislative session is over


when congress reviews the actions of the executive branch

Party Loyalty, Constituents, colleagues,
Interest Groups/Lobbyists/PACs, Staff and Support Agencies and sometimes Personal Beliefs

what are the major factors that influences how members of Congress make decisions?

usually belong to one or two committees, strict rules

committees in the house

are a part of 3 to four committees, less rules

committees in the senate

begins the impeachment process with an investigation, followed by an indictment

impeachment duties in the house

acts as the jury, has the trial and decides to convict or acquit

impeachment duties in the senate

majority party

political party having the most seats

declare war, approve treaties

congress duties for foreign policy

wage war, negotiate treaties

president's duties for foreign policy

it stopped the president from waging war without formal declaration or permission of congress

what did the war powers act of 1973 do?

now the president must get congressional approval to commit troops, the president must notify congress within 48 hours of any foreign troop deployment, if the president does not formally declare war then the troops must be withdrawn within 60 days

what were the results of the war powers act of 1973?

senate must confirm cabinet members
and federal judges

What role does the Senate play in presidential appointments?

allocates its budget and approves the appointment of judges

How does Congress exercise power over the Judicial Branch?

very popular

oversight in the 60s and 70s

very present

oversight in the clinton administration

not as present as clinton's administration

oversight in the bush administration

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