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an object that has a round, flat base and comes to a point at the other end.


the fruit of a pine or other evergreen tree


the third planet from the sun and is the planet we live on


soil or dirt


a solid figure with six square sides


a green plant with feathery leaves. It does not produce flowers


something that is burned to give power or heat such as wood, coal, or oil


a tiny hard piece of something


the seeds of cereal plants such as corn, wheat, or oats


a cold-blooded animal with a long, narrow body. It has four legs, and a long tail


someone who works under the ground to dig for coal or other useful metals

(the) present

the time that is happening now

(a) present

something that one person gives to another to show love, friendship, or thanks


being at a certain place at a certain time. The opposite is absent


the line made when two pieces of cloth are sewn together.


a layer of some natural material that lies between two other layers in the ground

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