Lithosphere AS

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ocean trenchA steep, long depression in the deep-sea floor that runs parallel to a chain of volcanic islands or a continental marginmid-ocean ridgeAn undersea mountain chain where new ocean floor is produced; a divergent plate boundary.Oldest mountain range in the US (one of the oldest anywhere)AppalachianOne of the youngest mountain rangesHimilayan mountainsmost powerful weathering forcewaterhow the Grand Canyon was formedweathering by water over a long period of timeWhat is happening to the Pacific Ocean?It is shrinking because of tectonic plate movementWhat is happening at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?the seafloor is growing as the plates spreadAn example of igneous rockgranitemagmaMolten rock beneath the earth's surfacelavaMagma that reaches Earth's surfacecementingProcess that turns sediment into hard rock when a binding material bonds the clay, pebbles, sand, and rocks.weathering that changes the make up of the rockchemical weatheringmoving sedimentserosiontransform boundaryA plate boundary where two plates move past each other in opposite directionsdivergent boundaryA plate boundary where two plates move away from each other.convergent boundaryA plate boundary where two plates move toward each other.