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WH 1st Sem Exam Review

Divine Right
Belief that some European kings in the 1600s and 1700s that they had a God-given right to rule
No one
In an absolute monarchy, the ruler shares power with
a system of checks and balances
The Baron de Montesque promoted the idea that the best government would have
John Locke
Thomas Jefferson included many of his ideas in the Declaration of Independence
The Constitution of the US created a federal system which
gave certain powers to the federal gov't and all other powers to the states
In the Social Contract, Rousseau wrote that
people were naturally good but changed by environment
John Locke believed that people's rights
should be protected by a gov't
Gov't run by church officials or religious leaders
limited by law
In a constitutional monarchy, the monarch's power is
Under capitalism, businesses are owned by
Market Economy
Free enterprise + capitalism =
Has advantage of being able to raise large amounts of capital/money
mass production
More people could afford goods because of
Associations of workers that combined forces to negotiate wages, working conditions
Major industries, but not all, are owned by the gov't
supply and demand
In a capitalist economy, price is determined by
Adam Smith
"Father of the Capitalism"
Command Economy
Government owns ALL industries
a classless society
Marx believed that the revolution would lead to pure communism or
Presidential democracy
Form of gov't with greatest political participation for citizens
more forms of enterainment
Growing population in cities encouraged
culturally inferior
"White Man's Burden" shows and attitude that natives are
adopt European culture
A number of European nations hoped African nations would
To take on the appearancen & customs of another culture; blend into new culture
Second Estate
wealthiest nobles
Reign of Terror
Mass execution of political prisoners and citizens during French Revolution
Leaders wanted raw materials for profit
Economic motive for European imperialism in Africa
Duirng Imperialism, some nations ruled through existing leaders in this system
Social Darwinism
Some societies thought to be better equipped survival
Intense pride on one's own country
Open Door Policy
spheres of influence in China for free trade
British export opium to China
to change balance of trade in favor of Britain
Immediate cause of Sepoy Mutiny
Indian soldiers had to bite off ammunition cartidge greased wt animal fat
British East Inda Company
British Imperialism brought to India by
One country controls another
the Nobility
Estate wt greatest land ownership & least amount of taxes