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Government (Social Studies)

Unit 5 lessons 1-6

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Where people hold the power of government and choose leaders to make decisions
representative government
a form of government where people choose representatives to make decisions for them
common good
People working together to benefit everyone
constitutional government
a government based on a Constitution which describes powers of government
statements that define how citizens should behave
rule of law
everyone, including the people who run the government, must obey the laws
a system people use to exercise authority, distribute power, and regulate conduct of people
federal government
the government of our country
the written document that created the system of government for our country
The introduction to our Constitution
levels of government
Local, State, Federal (National)
shared powers
powers granted to both the
federal and state governments
reserved powers
powers not given to the federal government
delegated powers
powers people give to the federal government by the Constitution
separation of powers
power is separated, or divided, among three branches of government
branches of government
the three different sections of government
legislative branch
the branch of government that makes laws
executive branch
the branch of government that enforces laws
judicial branch
the branch of the government that decides what the laws mean
A member of the senate
A member of the House of Representatives
the head of the executive branch and
the leader of our country
A group of people who help and give advice to the president
Supreme Court
the highest court in our country
checks and balances
the way in which the different branches of government keep each other from having too much power
when the President turns down a bill or refuses to sign it into law
when the Congress votes to cancel a President's veto
judicial review
the power of the Supreme Court to declare a law unconstitutional
in conflict with or violates the U.S. Constitution
Bill of Rights
the first ten amendments, or additions, to the Constitution which give people important rights such as freedom of speech
a change, or addition, to the Constitution
Individual rights
things an individual person is entitled to have or to do
the people who helped establish our country
popular sovereignty
the power and
authority of the government comes from the people
core democratic values
things people believe in that bring people together as American
limited government
the government can only do what the people have given it the power to do