la midterm

preposition, pronoun, adjective, adverb, conjunction, verb, interjection, noun
pacvin (parts of speech)
for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so
fanboys (conjunctions)
action, linking, helping
types of verbs
subject, object of preposition, direct object, indirect object, direct address, predicate noun, appositive
7 functions of a noun
tense and link
things verbs of being do
a noun that identifies or explains the noun or pronoun it follows
adjectives, nouns, pronouns
things adjectives modify
adjectives, adverbs, verbs
things adverbs modify
which one?, how many?, whose?, what kind?
questions that adjectives can answer
where?, when?, how?, why?, to what extent?, under what condition?
questions that adverbs can answer
i came, i saw, i conquered
vini, vidi, vici
when, where, while, why, before, after, since, if, although, wherever, whenever, because, until
subordinate conjunctions
1 independent clause
simple sentence
i independent clause and 1 subordinate clause
complex sentence
2 independent clauses
compound sentence