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GAP - Vocabulary Program - Unit 1


noun (plural) - to put (something) with another thing or group of things


verb - to give work or a job to (someone) in exchange for wages or a salary [


adj - exactly right for a particular purpose, situation, or person


noun - someone who is in charge of a business, department, etc


noun (plural) - An announcement telling people that a positon is open.

out of work

verb phrase - not having work.


` - money or another kind of payment that is given or received for something that has been done or that is offered for something that might be done


adj - 1 always used before a noun : special or particular 2 : clearly and exactly presented or stated : precise or exact 3 a : relating to a particular person, situation, etc. b technical : having a particular function or effect


noun - a process by which someone is taught the skills that are needed for an art, profession, or job

run your own business

verb phrase - To create your own business.( career)


noun - where people work

number of job

openings noun phrase - available positions a company can fill with new people


adj - different from the ordinary, usual, or expected. Strange, very different.


noun - a person who leads or directs other people on a journey


noun - a person or thing that assembles. Builder


noun - a building or group of buildings where products are made

insurance policy

noun - showing great policy,he pitter his enemies against one another.

taste buds

noun (plural) - one of many small spots on your tongue that give you the ability to taste things


adj - [more creative; most creative] : having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas


noun (plural) - [count] : a person who takes part in a contest or competition


noun - A person who receives or entertains guest at home or elsewhere.

work for myself

verb phrase - to be self-employed.


noun - a person who choose a work a lot


noun - a job or profession that someone does for a long time

good communicator

noun phrase - 1. a person who communicates, esp. one skilled at conveying information, ideas, or policy to the public; 2. a person in the business of communications, as television or magazine publishing.


noun - 1. a place where things are made or required. 2. a class or series of classes in which a small group of people learn the methods and skills used in doing something


noun - 1 : a person who provides advice as a job : a person who counsels people 2 US : a person who is in charge of young people at a summer camp 3 US : lawyer ? a counselor at law —often used as a form of address


noun (plural) - : the ability to do something that comes from training, experience, or practice [noncount]


noun - 1 a [count] : a printed list —usually + of b listings [plural] : a printed list of things that includes detailed information about them 2 [count] : something included in a list 3 [count] : the act of including something in a list or the state of being included in a list


noun - : an amount of money that an employee is paid each year ?A salary is divided into equal amounts that are paid to a person usually once every two weeks or once every month.

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