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APUSH Cold War 1980-1991

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1980s; Reagan's economic program which cut taxes and government regulation in order to increase productivity, nd eventully increase tax revenue as cash flowed in the economy
Supply Side Economics
An economic philosophy that holds the sharply cutting taxes will increase the incentive people have to work, save, and invest. Greater investments will lead to more jobs, a more productive economy, and more tax revenues for the government.
Sandra Day O'Connor
She was a lawyer and later Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. She was the first woman to be a justice on the Supreme Court.
Star Wars - SDI
Used lasers to shoot missiles, never really happened, goal was to shoot nuclear missiles from space specifically to the Soviet Unions.
MX Missile
Part of the "underside" of the Cold War. Cost $100 billion to build the MX missile system. Built in an area in Nevada/Utah as large as the state of Pennsylvania., -Sparked initiation of MX missil
B-1 Bomber
two weapon systems brought back by Reagan
Trident Missile
SSBN primary weapon
Cruise Missile deployment
Military Buildup
soviet union less likely if offset against strong army; new technology, stealth bomber (under radar) and SDI
(1985) General Secretary of the Communist Soviet party; advocated glasnost and perestroika
A policy of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev which called for more openness with the nations of West, and a relaxing of restraints on Soviet citizenry.
restructuring of the social and economic status quo in communist Russia towards a market based economy and society
Budget Deficits
exists when the government spends more than it collects in revenues. Record budget deficits resulted from Ronald Reagan's military buildup in the 1980s.
limited the amount of intermediate and short range missiles (300-3500 miles)
STrategic Arms Reduction Treaty. A treaty between the US and Russia with the goal of reducing "strategic arms," or weapons of mass destruction.
Iran Contra Scandal
Reagan sent money to the Contra's in Nicaragua with the money he got for selling arms to Iran
Robert Bork
Reagan appointee for judge, rejected due to extreme restraint views,his role in the media, his interest group involvement and his famous 'Paper Trail'
Webster v. Reproductive Health Services
States can place restrictions on abortions (viability tests, no use of public facilities for abortions, no counseling to have abortions) but cannot outlaw them.
Bush 41
President during the Gulf War: Desert Shield, Desert Storm
1977 Carter and Panama's leaders reach agreement, Panama take control of canal by end of 1999
End of Cold War
Marked by the fall of the Soviet Union which was the result of Eastern European countries gaining independence, Gorbachev's reform policies, and a series of nuclear limitation treaties.
Persian Gulf War
(1990 - 1991) Conflict between Iraq and a coalition of countries led by the United States to remove Iraqi forces from Kuwait which they had invaded in hopes of controlling their oil supply. A very one sided war with the United States' coalition emerging victorious.
Tienanmen Square
1989 - University students in China protested, wanting freedom of speech and a greater say in govt. China's leader ordered military to slaughter students
Fall of the Berlin War
1989 - Beginning of the fall of communism and the Soviet Union - symbolized the failure of communism and massive socialism