11 terms

science test: pure substances and mixtures key vocabulary

Anything that takes up space and has mass. Example: air, gold.
Particle theory of matter
Theory that explains how particles behave. Example: everything is made of matter.
States of matter
3 forms of matter that exist. Example: solid, liquid,gas.
Pure substance
Matter that has only one kind of particle. Example: gold.
Matter that has two or more different particles. Example: milk,cookie.
A mixture that looks like one even layer.Example: milk,power aide, juice.
A mixture that looks uneven and has various layers of bits. Example: salad dressing, meat sauce.
Something that dissolves into a solvent. Example; salt, sugar.
A substance into which a solute may be dissolved. Example: water, tea, coffee.
A mixture of solute and solvent. Example: salt water, tea with sugar.
What is the Particle Theory of Matter?
1.All matter is made up of particles
2. They are constantly in motion, the more energy the faster they move. Temperature affects them.
3. There are spaces between the particles.
4. Particles of a pure substance are the same
5. There are forces of attraction between particles