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  1. impotent
  2. meretricious
  3. jocular
  4. nihilism
  5. miscreant
  1. a a total rejection of established laws
  2. b powerless; lacking strength
  3. c humorous, lighthearted
  4. d a vicious person
  5. e attractive in a cheap, flashy way

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  1. to place side by side for comparison
  2. pertaining to motion
  3. visible to the naked eye
  4. a complicated network of winding passages; a maze
  5. capable of being changed; easily shaped

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  1. machinationa curse


  2. mendaciousattractive in a cheap, flashy way


  3. maelstromwhirlpool; turbulence; agitated state of mind


  4. knellpertaining to motion


  5. languidsluggish; drooping from weakness