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  1. maelstrom
  2. macroscopic
  3. kismet
  4. martinet
  5. nebulous
  1. a hazy, vague, uncertain
  2. b destiny; fate; fortune (one's lot in life)
  3. c a strict disciplinarian; taskmaster
  4. d visible to the naked eye
  5. e whirlpool; turbulence; agitated state of mind

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  1. softly bright or radiant; running or moving lightly over a surface
  2. to place side by side for comparison
  3. one who enjoys his or her own pain and suffering
  4. sluggish; drooping from weakness
  5. magic, especially that practiced by a witch

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  1. laconicsluggish; drooping from weakness


  2. machinationa strict disciplinarian; taskmaster


  3. lachrymoseto place side by side for comparison


  4. nihilisma total rejection of established laws


  5. lasciviouslustful or lewes; inciting sexual desire