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#46 - Deialog

The dialogue from Uned 46 of Cwrs Sylfaenol Ceredigion. How stubborn is Bendigeidfran?
Pa mor hen yw Bendigeidfran?
How old is Bendigeidfran?
Mae e bron mor hen â fi
He's nearly as old as me
Ydy e mor benstiff â ti?
Is he as stubborn as you?
Nac ydy
No he's not
Mae e'n waeth o lawer
He's much worse
Pam wyt ti'n dweud hynny?
Why do you say that?
Mae e'n pallu gwneud dim byd dw i'n ei ddweud wrtho fe
He refuses to do anything I tell him
Mae e'n debyg i'w feistr e 'te
He's similar to his master then