Medical administration notes 2

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Duties may include:-
Welcoming and managing patients attending for consultation,
Dealing with patient queries-face to face/by phone etc.,
Making appointment,
Making up a file for each new patient.
Eg. x-rays,
Blood tests,
Eg. to other consultants
Physiotherapy etc.
Arranging Admission to Hospital for patients.
Liaising with NHS counterparts, - for example if you need to contact when s/he is working at an NHS hospital.
Keeping the consultant room, waiting room, office etc. tidy, - Ensuring the comfort of patients.
Ensure patients are aware of the cost involved in their treatment.
Dealing with Correspondence, -
Including perhaps puchasing of postage stamps (smaller independant practices may not have a franking machine).
Photocopying, -
Eg. of insurance and medical reports.
Managing petty cash, -
Purchasing 'Office sundries & accounts for money
Managing Stationary/Equipment Supplies, -
May include clinical equipment,
Ordering and monitoring levels of stock,
Ensuring that essentials are always re-ordered well before they run out.
Pulling patients records prior to consultation,-
Taking out files for the patents the consultant will see,
Checking that all investigations required have been carried out & results are in place for the consultant to consider.
Typing, -
Letters & notes - from audio/shorthand.
Where there is no practice nurse present, a secretary may be asked to act as chaperone during examination of patients.
Updating Systems,-
Keeping the practice operating effectively,
eg. improving/creating a new filing system.
Patients Accounts,-
Sending out bills,
Chasing up overdue payments,
Referring unpaid bills to debt collection agency where necessary.
Practice Accounts,-
Keeping an accounts book,
Recording all cash and cheques paid in to the bank,
Recording all cash and outgoings for office supplies, catering, Equipment,etc.,
Reconciling petty cash regularly,
Advising the consultant to ensure that the practice pays it's own bills at appropriate times,
(So cash flow is smooth - eg not paying lots of bills at once so that the bank account becomes overdrawn etc.
Operate a payroll system to calculate staff (and own) PAYE and NI contributions &
Making year-end returns to the Inland Revenue.