Unit 7 Test Answer Key


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What were the strengths of the Union Army?
Larger Army
More access to technology
Greater natural resources
Higher food production
Control of the seas
What were the weaknesses of the Union Army?
Poor leadership
Naive confidence
What were the strengths of the Confederate Army?
The geographic size of the South
Better leadership
What were the weaknesses of the Confederate Army?
The Mississippi River cut the South in two
A lack of factory production
What were the three aims of the Anaconda Plan?
Seize Richmond, VA.
Surround the South by sea
Control the Mississippi River.
What did Lincoln wrongly believe about the war prior to the Battle of Bull Run?
He believed the war would be over quickly.
How were Confederate soldiers able to win the Battle of Bull Run?
They had obtained a copy of Union General McClellan's battle plans.
What sorts of important roles did women play in the Civil War?
Women filled factory jobs in the North that were left by men, and worked as battlefield nurses.
Why did Confederate General Robert E. Lee invade Union territory in 1861?
1. To convince Great Britain to ally with the South
2. To convince Maryland to secede from the Union
How were railroads used in the Civil War?
To quickly transport men and supplies over long distances.
What were "Sherman's Bowties"?
General Sherman's army destroyed southern railroads by heating the rails and bending them around trees.
What does "Rifling" refer to?
Spiral shaped grooves cut on the inside of a barrel, designed to spin a projectile.
How did the Minei Ball change warfare during the Civil War?
The Minei Ball allowed soldiers to fire further and more accurately than in previous wars.
What was the most common surgery performed during the Civil War?
How did the Civil War improve medical practices?
Doctors performed medical procedures on such large numbers of patients, one after the other. It became more clear which practices were beneficial, and which were harmful.
Why is Gettysburg considered a "turning point" in the war?
Confederate General Lee's army was suffered such heavy losses, they were no longer a threat to invade the North.
What was the purpose of the Gettysburg Address?
It reminded the Union that the soldiers had died to give the nation a second chance to live up to the values of the Declaration of Independence - "All men are created equal..."
What made Vicksburg such an important position, and so difficult to capture?
Vicksburg sat at a high point above the Mississippi River. A few well placed cannons could control the middle section of the Mississippi.
What does "Total War" refer to?
Grant's new strategy of attacking and burning anything that might be useful to the Confederate army.
Why was the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia such an important location to the Confederacy?
Most of Virginia's food production came from the Shenandoah Valley.
Why was Atlanta, Georgia such an important location to the Confederacy?
Atlanta was a major center for weapons production in the South.
What order was Major General Sherman given by Grant as he marched on Georgia?
Destroy all resources that could be useful to the enemy.
What two events helped Lincoln win re-election?
The capture of Atlanta, GA. and Richmond, VA.
What were the terms of Lee's surrender?
1. They could keep their weapons and return home.
2. They could keep their mules and horses.
3. Officers could keep their swords.
4. Grant offered food for their journey home.
General Robert E. Lee
Confederate General of the Army of Virginia
General George C. McClellan
Union General who was fired by Lincoln and ran against him for President in 1864.
General Ulysses S. Grant
Commander of all Union forces in 1864. Successfully captured the Mississippi and forced Lee to surrender at Appomattox.
General William T. Sherman
Union general who captured Atlanta and waged total war against the remainder of Georgia.
General Philip Sheridan
Union general who successfully captured and burned the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.
Place the following events in order...
The Kansas-Nebraska Act
The Missouri Compromise
The Compromise of 1850
Missouri Compromise
The Compromise of 1850
The Kansas-Nebraska Act
Place the following events in order...
The Battle of Gettysburg
The Battle of Antietam
Grant captures Vicksburg
The Battle of Antietam
The Battle of Gettysburg
Grant captures Vicksburg
Place the following events in order...
Lee surrenders at Appomattox
The Gettysburg Address
The Emancipation Proclamation
The Emancipation Proclamation
The Gettysburg Address
Lee surrenders at Appomattox
The Emancipation Proclamation
Issued by Abraham Lincoln in 1862, it declared that all slaves in the confederate states would be free
The Gettysburg Address
(1863) a speech given by Abraham Lincoln after the Battle of Gettysburg. Lincoln praised the bravery of Union soldiers and renewed his commitment to winning the Civil War; supported the ideal that, "All men are created equal..."