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Who moved capital from medina to damascus


how did Muawayia create order in the empire


How did the empire try to unite themselves

using common coinage and common language

how did the Ummayads tread christians and Jews

good...they tried to include them


beautiful handwriting


when a group splits off from a bigger group

Abu Jafar

Abbasids ruler

How did abbasids hold on to power

strong army


a design with stems and leaves and flowers

Achievements Abbasids had in Literature

calligraphy, books, paper, tactiles

Achievements Abbasids had in Science

round earth, solar system

Achievments Abbasids had in Math


Achievements Abbasids had in Medecine

surgury, clean hospitals, herbal medecines

Seljuk Turks

conquered Abbasids, turks from central asia


split off from the abbasids

who conquered the seljuk turks



a gift

Abd al Rahman

escaped deadly dinner party, fled to Spain, and continued Ummayads

what was going on in spain when abd al rahm got their

berbers were invading

What did Abd al Rahm make his new capital


Issabelle and Infernado

got married and took muslims away completley

what did muslims do once they got kicked out of Spain

settled in north africa


goveners appointed by the caliphs



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