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  1. beneficence
  2. libel
  3. nonmaleficence
  4. Name two ethical issues in psychiatric/mental health nursing.
  5. Who determines what is "right" or "good" within a society?
  1. a The right to refuse medication and the right to the least restrictive treatment alternative.
  2. b Legislation
  3. c the duty to do no harm either intentionally or unintentionally; take due care
  4. d written untruths that are harmful to someone's reputation
  5. e One's duty to benefit or promote the good of others

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  1. An offensive touching or use of force on a person without his or her consent.
  2. free to leave
  3. based on the notion of a hypothetical social contract between free, equal and rational person: concept of justice reflects a duty to treat all individuals equally and fairly
  4. making false or malicious statements about a persons character or reputation
  5. an ethical theory that promotes action based on the end results that produces the most good for the most people.

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  1. false imprisonmentdepriving a person of freedom of movement without consent and without privilege


  2. EthicsTerm applied to ethics within the concept of medicine, nursing and allied health.


  3. veracityideas or concepts that give meaning to an individual's life.


  4. righta valid, legally recognized claim or entitlement, encompassing both freedom from government interference or discriminatory treatment and entitlement to a benefit or service


  5. absolute rightWhen there is no restriction whatsoever on the individuals entitlement.