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Pride and Prejudice Characters

The characters of the book Pride and Prejudice!!!
Elizabeth Bennet
The heroine in the book, she can be very prejudiced. She is very intelligent and witty and her most beautiful feature are her dark eyes.
Fitzwilliam Darcy
The hero of the book, he introduces himself as a very proud disagreeable man, but is really a very kind and caring person. He is very handsome and is very wealthy.
Jane Bennet
Elizabeth's elder and most adored sister. She is very beautiful and sweet and never thinks ill of anyone.
Charles Bingley
Fitzwilliam's best friend, he is very agreeable and friendly. He is described as being handsome and wealthy.
Edward Bennet
Father of the Bennet girls, he is very intelligent and lovable. Elizabeth is his favorite daughter.
Fanny Bennet
Mother of the Bennet girls, she is very annoying and a gossip. Almost no one likes her and she tends to embarrass her two eldest daughters.
Mary Bennet
The middle Bennet daughter, she is plain and quiet. She tends to play piano all the time and doesn't get much attention.
Kitty (Catherine) Bennet
Second youngest Bennet daughter, she is a flirt and loves to dance. She is described as being pretty and giggly.
Lydia Bennet
Youngest Bennet daughter, she is the most flirtatious of them all and loves the officers. She is pretty and annoys most of her family and friends.
Charlotte Lucas
Best friend of Elizabeth, she is very plain and serious. She sticks to reality and is very loyal to her friends.
Caroline Bingley
Sister to Charles Bingley, she is haughty and proud. She admires Fitzwilliam Darcy and spares with Elizabeth whenever she can.
Georgiana Darcy
Younger sister of Fitzwilliam Darcy, she is very pretty and tremendously shy. She loves her brother and is still too young to know enough of the world.
George Wickham
The handsome young officer who catches Elizabeth's attention. He appears to be a kind man, but is really a fraud. Enemy of Fitzwilliam Darcy.
William Lucas
Father of Charlotte Lucas, he is very hospitable and friendly. He loves to see people happy and likes to speak what is on his mind.
Mrs. Forster
Friend of Lydia Bennet, she is married to the captain of the army and she is like an older version of Lydia.
Mr. Forster
He is the captain of the army.
Mrs. Gardiner
Aunt of the Bennet girls, she is very kind and loving. She is the means of uniting Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth.
Robert Fitzwilliam
Cousin of Fitzwilliam Darcy, he is very social and kind. He has a romantic interest in Elizabeth Bennet for a short while in the book.
Mr. Gardiner
Uncle of the Bennet girls and brother to Mrs. Bennet. He is very kind and social and loves to fish.
Catherine de Bourgh
Aunt of Fitzwilliam Darcy, she is very proud and arragant. She is also very nosy and cruel to people she doesn't like.
Anne de Bourgh
Daughter of Catherine de Bourgh, she is quiet and sickly. She is intended to marry Fitzwilliam Darcy.
William Collins
Cousin to the Bennet girls, he is very ridiculous. A clergyman and heir to Longbourn.
Mrs. Phillips
Sister to Fanny Bennet, she brings all the gossip of town to Fanny.
Louisa Hurst
Sister to Charles and Caroline Bingley, she is very haughty and proud and sides along with Caroline Bingley.
Mr. Hurst
Husband to Louisa Hurst, he is usually sleeping and eating. He doesn't speak much and isn't very important to the other characters.