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  1. a cell theat engages in phagocytosis
  2. a process in which a vesicle inside a cell fuses with the cell membrane and releases its contents to the external enviorment
  3. the process by which a cell surronds and engulfs substances
  4. a membrane protein that that provides a passway across th ecell membrane through which an ion can diffuse
  5. a type o f endoctosis in which a cell engulfs solutes or fluids

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  1. Facilitated diffusiona process in which substances move down their consentrated gradient aross the cell membrane with the assistance of carrier protiens


  2. vesiclea membran-bond sac in a eukaryotic cell that contains materials involved in endocystosis, exocystosis, or transport within a cell


  3. plasmolysisthe shrinking or wilting of a walled cell in a hypertonic enviorment


  4. sodium-patassium pumpthe process by which a cell surronds and engulfs substances